Climate Change Action Plan 2018

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Climate Change

The hot topic

One of the hottest topics of debate for the past few years has been the insurgence of climate change in the entire world, mainly due to unnatural human activities that has driven up the rate of pollution exponentially, especially in modernized, industry based country like Canada. Developing countries like India and some African nations are also heavy contributors to all the factors responsible for climate change, due to malpractices in agriculture and other such industries. One thing is evident, that climate change is real and cannot be denied, hence the need for preventive measures is crucial.

What is climate change?

To first understand what is climate change, we have to distinguish between climate and weather. Weather is the day-to-day atmospheric patterns and observations recorded in a certain place at a certain time. Weather can change on a daily basis, for example, it may be raining heavily in a place one day and be very sunny the next day. On the other hand, climate is the long term weather pattern in a place over several years or even decades. For example, the mountains are known to have colder climate and the deserts are known to have warmer climates. Climates are fairly constant. Hence, the pollution induced changes in the climatic patterns around the world is seen as a big threat by environmentalists and scientists all over the world.

Need for Immediate Action

It has been proposed that this ongoing trend of climate change may result in the rapid of melting of polar ice caps, giving rise to higher sea levels and devastating flood. Even the depletion of the ozone layer and it’s harmful effects are a part of climate change. Since the harmful side effects of modern industrial methods are mostly to blame for this rapid change in climate, it is imperative that governments and industries take it upon themselves to implement an effective Climate Change Action Plan 2018 and in years to come to curb the effects and reverse the damages.

Course of Action

The immediate course of action for proper implementation of such a Climate Change Action Plan is to identify the primary causes of pollution and environmental destruction that are being faced due to industrialization and eliminate them. These steps can be as simple as enforcing the ban on certain harmful plastics, encouraging and implementing wide-scale recycling of resources and opting for more nature-friendly products and production methods. But the primary focus should be reaching out to the public to include them in the program, so that every person can do their little bit to contribute towards the betterment of the world.


Climate changes poses a real threat to the world and it’s high time that the various governments and the major industries take positive steps towards an action plan to counter the harmful destruction the climate has faced over the past few decades due to hyper-industrialization and ecologically harmful practices. The primary goal should be to reduce such practices, and also to educate the masses so that every citizen can contribute towards a cleaner, greener and healthier planet.